Green Goddess


Hello!!! Welcome to my blog! Here’s a tiny bit about me…

I started selling clothes to supplement some income. My best friend told me about Poshmark and I decided to try to make a business out of it.

Truth: I was oblivious to trendy name brands when I first started Posh.

As a child, Walmart was a “luxury” even though they didn’t sell pleated stone-washed Guess jeans for .50, like the community center did!

Thirty years later, here I am scouting Nike, Adidas, Lululemon, Made-Well, J. Crew, Lilly, Vince and many others like a detective yearning to find the leading clue!

For my first blog post EVER I’d like to give recognition to where it’s due. I first must apologize to my customers for marking the neon green Nike Dry-Fit top Not For Sale because I have fallen deeply in love with it. Here you can read a poem I have written especially for this particular sleeveless top.

Nike Green Dry-Fit Sleeveless Top

There was so little time when I first layed eyes-

On you, your color lit up all my dark skies

I knew you were special, but when I saw your label…

My knees buckled, I reached for your hanger beneath the table

Your skin ignited my eyes matching symbol

Envy: I succumed, tried you on.

You covered and secured what could’ve exposed me

So breathable and light

You protected my classes from what they shouldn’t have to see

You wrapped me like a blanket, brought out the beautiful

Strong, free-spirited me!

Yes, greeny is mine (unless you have an offer I can’t refuse). In the mean time, I’ll be searching for more of this kind to sell for a price that will fill you with glee. Check back often for updates on favorites and affordable treasures.


Reactive Summer Fashion Trends for 2019


Did you know 2019 has been officially designated as the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements? These infamous tables continue to educate with tendency, similar to how this year’s fashion trends track decades of material influence.

These classic historical styles combined with millennial favorites have inspired me to share a few of my favorite chemically reactive textile phenomenons!

Crochet is elegantly consuming the runways with a zesty new twist. Rodarte’s Spring collection came back to New York’s Fashion week with romantic, majestic feminine zeal. The tiered crochet sleeveless dresses worn with crochet bonnet like head pieces had the models reminding me of antique porcelain dolls. Dolce and Gabbana’s DNA collection, (influencing individuals and family consumers) compounded iconography with eye popping color.

If crochet hooks your fancy, ensamble combinations are vast considering the new and recycled pieces of this timeless material. Crochet sleeveless maxi gowns, bikini cover-ups worn over summer dresses, crochet shift dresses, crop tops and bralettes will be seen often and everywhere! Crochet bracelet bags, lanyards, clutches and shoulder bags with fringe edges are the cutest accessories for these looks.

 Cycling in from fitness departments world-wide comes the next biggest craze, Blazers and Biker shorts! Designer’s such as Dior, Robert Cavalli and Fendi took the modest biker shorts and made them ever so proud. Layering black or white shorts under wispy skirts, these famous designers topped ensembles with button up or white tie-waist blazers. Because cute biker shorts don’t leave much to the imagination, wearing seamless pantyhose underneath is a good idea. Biker shorts can also be worn with a long sleeve collared button up shirt, tied at the waist for a super chic look with heels.

Biker shorts look super cute in floral prints, as well! Go hippy chic by pulling your biker shorts up and over a knit top at the waist and then cinch the look with a cool festival fanny pack around your hips. Solid colored shorts morph into a Matrix look when worn over fishnet stockings. Biker shorts can even be fanciful enough for a cocktail lounge if worn under just the right dress.

A form flattering ruched dress is one investment you won’t regret purchasing, ever! Choose a romantic printed bodycon ruched dress if you’re looking to hide any extra pounds.  Givenchy created some award winning dresses for any figure this season, the rouch hiding unwanted and enhancing wanted curves.

Tie- dye is splattering its way back into our hearts this year! The key to wearing the DIY look is not to over do it; accompany tie-dye with neutral colors to portray a more mature and sophisticated look.  Bleached denim is bringing back the 1980’s when worn with high-rise trousers, rompers, t-shirts, denim jackets, dresses and clutches.

Animal prints continue to prowl into this summer season, Burberry leading the trend like a ringmaster. Alpha tiger, leopard and zebra prints dominate this season! Amber tiger print handle bags, zebra mini dresses and leopard overcoats are overpowering every habitat.

Wide leg trousers are blooming with buds and retro floral print bodysuits are brightening days ahead. Soft floral prints adorn classical styles for a bouquet of pretty dresses.  Lilly Pulitzer petal print pants, a sheer black top draped with a matinee style necklace would be a winning way to be admired like a rose.

Flocking from eyelashes to shoes and apparel, feathers are flying high this year. Feather bags, layered skirts and feather fringe make twirling around fun again. Classical feather dresses with open back tops worn with a pair of feather trimmed heels are in high demand.

Completing so many modern and retro looks, Polka dots remain prominent to pin-up. Tiny polka dots showcase subtle ladylike looks, while larger black on white polka dots go business casual.

As far as colors go, golden yellows, burnt orange and bright corals beam the sunny days ahead! Black and white and white on white’s are creating whimsical fancy this year!

From Victorian era gigot inspired sleeves, to the noted styles of the roaring 20’s, today’s fashion trends are recycling new beginnings.

As the infamous tables continue to school next generations, 2019’s summer fashion trends are educating baby boomers and millennials alike, as we all approach this closing decennium.


Flat Tummy for Mom

A Gift for all Mother’s Wearing Mummy Tummy…

Mummy Tummy or Diastasis Recti is the separation of the rectus abdominis muscles (left and right muscles along the core’s midline) due to excessive-abdominal pressure, which is often developed from pregnancy.

Although we wouldn’t trade it for the world, it’s nice to feel firm. It’s healthier for our entire bodies to have a stronger core since everything is connected! Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look like the hot sexy mommy you are, as well.

“When you look good, you feel good. Confidence with what you’re wearing is very important. If you feel good, you will always perform your best without worrying about anything.” Maria Sharapova

Our best outfit is our bodies, because we wear them everyday! I’ll soon get to tips on how to tighten and mend DS naturally with exercises and breath. Firstly, you need to determine if you even really have DS though! Ask your physician, only they can diagnose and even write a recommendation for the best physical therapist.

Of course if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to first diagnose yourself😂 One sure tell sign, is when your innie belly button has become an outie.

Another way you can self identify DS is by a little test done lying on your back. So go ahead lay down, please. Get a pillow to support your head and make sure you’re laying on a hard but cushioned surface, AKA: a yoga mat.

Palms down by your side, take a deep breath in through your nose, now out through your mouth, focusing on the fire you’re building with your breath and awareness of your lower abs.

Now walk your feet in towards your booty, (butt, tush, hynee, whatever you want to call it😂)knees bent. Raising one hand up and bring it to the center of your belly, directly above the belly button. Push your fingers (pointed down) into your middle. Inhale through the nose, as you exhale through your mouth, press your fingers deep into the middle of your stomach. If you have DS, you’ll feel it! The deep dark endless cave of wonder leading into your gut! 😱

That’s all I know about that and I’m certainly not a doctor. Just have done this test myself and figured out I have it. I did gain 75 lbs with my son…

Any-who, let’s get to the good stuff! How to fix it! Again, not a doctor but have definitely have improved my opening through teaching aqua and barre classes 5-12 times a week over the past year. Plus, I’ve taught group exercise for 10 years now, toning always slipping its influence on all my cardio classes.

The main secrets are to stay away from enriched carbs, sugars, processed chemicals and believe it or not crunches! Don’t get too excited, I’m not saying you won’t need crunches later. Oh and eating at least one avocado a day helps too😊

Focus on making your hands the surgery needles you can stay away from by imagining closing that gap in the center of your core! Take the biggest inhales through your nose and let every speck of oxygen left in your lungs out with each exercise as you pull the outside muscles in towards each other.

In the DS floor test position after you’ve walked your feet towards that derrière palms down arms by your sides. Press those palms into the mat as you lift one knee or both knees into the chest. Now lift and place both lower arms to your lower core and prepare your surgery needle fingers. Push the separated muscles on each side of your lower abs towards the center and hold. Deep breathing as long as you can bare. Release. That’s it! Easy right? Now do 50 of them and hate me tomorrow😂 No! Please don’t do 50 if this is new to you, you’ll never read my blog again! 😂

⁃ Roll ups: starting sitting up, arms extended straight out in front of you, your back in a c-curve slowly roll, one vertebrae at a time down inhaling on the way hands go over head as you lie back on your mat. (Breath is everything here!) Using your exhale to roll up makes this exercise so much easier!) extend arms straight up then out in front as you roll back down. 8 reps to start.

⁃ U Dips: Laying flat on your back legs straight to the ceiling, dip legs slightly to the right and then trace a u in the air.

⁃ Straight leg lifts to floor for 8 reps and half way to floor for 8 reps)

⁃ Hip lifts (8 reps with hands by your sides, pushing into palms lift straight legs toes pointed to ceiling, lift the hips up off your mat and slowly lower back down.)

⁃ Criss Crosses (straight legs up cris cross feet slowly lowering legs up and down)

⁃ Single Leg Stretch (same position :Start on your back and knees in a tabletop position. Pull your abs in as you exhale, taking your belly button down toward your spine as you curl your head and shoulders up. As you curl up, extend your left leg at a 45-degree angle. The right leg remains in tabletop position with the right hand grasping the right ankle and the left hand moving to the right knee. Make sure to maintain your spine in C-curve throughout the exercise. Be sure to keep your shoulders relaxed and your abdominals engaged.

Switch legs with an inhale and exhale and then switch legs, pulling one knee towards the chest at a time. The outside hand of the bent leg is going to the ankle and the other hand moving to the inside of the knee. Exhale as you switch again, repeat 8 times to start.

Thank you for reading! From one mom to another, always remember to love yourself most so that you can love others most. Like putting on your air mask first on an airplane!

Wallet Wounds

The innocent winter months have been unjustly persecuted for my hand woes! Pushed up cuticles on my forefingers that open and bleed. I’ve been packing bandaids in my car for the recurring cuts in my skin. To my utter dismay, it’s been recently discovered that my wallet was to blame!

Too cute to be so violent, the thought never crossed my mind until the last attack. I guess I’m always in such a hurry, I never noticed how my flowery Rossetti wallet was abusing me!

It was yesterday when I was struggling, like usual to retrieve my bank card at the store. The faux leather binding ripped open my cuticle right before the store clerk.

“Ouch!” I said out loud as I looked the young girl at the register dead in the eye. “My wallet has been wounding me!”

The store clerk shook her head as she replied, “Don’t you hate that? The last one I had kept pinching my fingers whenever I’d close it.”

Intrigued by how the clerk could so easily relate, I got to wondering; how many other people have been suffering from wallet abuse? How can it be prevented? Why put so many slots in a bill fold and why at such a dangerous angle?

I’d like some resolution before purchasing my next wallet. If you’ve been suffering from wallet wounds, it’s time to break the silence and build awareness!

Please comment to which brand and style have been ruthless. Please comment if you love your wallet and recommend which brand and style will be good to me.

Research to Win!

My mother died in a car crash when I was 17 months old and still breastfeeding.

Woooah! Heavy for a fashion blog, huh?! Hold up, there’s a point to my unfiltered personal confession. When I was a teenager (about 14 years old) my Dad carried a large cardboard box, smelling of moth balls into my room and placed it at my feet.

“What’s in this box is pretty special Care,” he said with his big geeky grin. “These are your mothers clothes and you are half her! I want you to have them.”

Delighted and excited to swim in vintage fashion from the one person I yearned to know more than anyone; I lifted the outer flaps to the box. I still remember the bright blue v-neck t-shirt with white adidas style trim sitting a top the packed clothes.

After digging past the plaid shirts, Sergio Valenti jeans, blue corduroy pants and night gowns, at the VERY bottom of the box layed the item this post is about. A strapless, beige unpadded bra that I’m wearing at this very moment. The tag is worn white, but my God!

This bra is over 40 years old! It’s more functional and comfortable today than any other bra I’ve ever worn! This silk bra deserves recognition and so does the designer! So with that, I’d like to offer you dear readers an opportunity to help me give credit to where credit is due.
The first person to find the designer of this magical bra (with visual and written proof) WINS one item from my Poshmark closet! (Excluding rings, Helm Boots and Michael Kohrs Watch because they aren’t mine to sell!) Otherwise your choice, NWT, NWOT, EUC, GUC designer bags, shoes, apparel, accessories! One item of your choice will be sent to you free of any charge and wrapped with @fairygirl81 : AKA: East Coast Fashion Diva LOVE!